IOZK - Immun-Onkologisches Zentrum Köln
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The company Delta-Vir

In the last decades there has been extensive research in the area of immune therapies used in the fight against cancer. The IOZK’s main focus is the translation of these research findings and the development and application of these highly effective treatment methods. The IOZK assures the safety and tolerance of the application, as well as ensuring a high quality of life during and after the treatment. 

The goal of our daughter company, Delta-Vir, in Leipzig, is the realisation of a clinical trial. In order to set up a clinical trial, the product has to be prepared according to the high standards of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). The regulations of the European Medicines Agency and GCP (Good Clinical Practice) guidelines need to be adhered to. The product is classified as an ATMP (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product). 

In summary, the strict regulatory guidelines require extensive and expensive preparations for the clinical study and a high level of investment into Delta-Vir’s activities. This is only possible with the support of committed partners.

The proof of concept studies to further optimise our vaccine are being carried out in Cologne at the IOZK. The study design has already been reviewed by the EMA (European Medicines Agency).

Delta-Vir is only responsible for conducting the clinical trials. For all therapeutic applications of our treatment please contact the IOZK directly.