IOZK - Immun-Onkologisches Zentrum Köln
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Our laboratory complies with the highest quality standards

Highly qualified staff and a special clean room laboratory where foreign particles and interferences can be excluded are essential for successful immunological research and individual immunotherapy. Human cells should only be grown in a clean room laboratory placed in special nutrient solutions at body temperature.

Cleanliness is inspected according to European GMP regulations

In these laboratories absolute sterility must prevail in order to avoid contamination of the cell cultures. This is achieved through an overpressure system with material and personnel locks. A continuous outward flow of air prevents airborne contaminants from entering the room. This, together with the use of high-quality equipment, are the required high standards for clean rooms.

In the IOZK laboratory a highly qualified team works in accordance with the Medicines Act following European GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.